Ways to Give


NTR thrives on donated equipment, fixing and reusing as much of it as possible in our various distribution programs and sending the remainder to local R2-certified recyclers. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donation to NTR might confer a tax advantage. NTR does not charge for these services, but there are some limits on what we can accept.  Before you call or come, please review our printable Donation Criteria (PDF, updated 6/15/2015) Also, show below:

Donor drops off:
• NTR can accept drop-off donations in our Thrift Store, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. We recommend making an appointment if dropping off a large quantity, which we loosely define as “more than can fit in a shopping cart.”
• An itemized receipt is available upon request.
• NTR can accept most computers and related equipment, if it’s 10 years old or newer. We can also accept working flat-screen TVs or projectors.
• At this time, NTR cannot accept: any equipment greater than 10 years old, printers, CRT/tube monitors or televisions, cell phones, large quantities of broken equipment, furniture, or non-computer appliances, (coffee makers, microwaves, DVD players, etc.)

NTR picks up:
• NTR can schedule a free pickup of larger donations.
We typically require the donation includes at least 15 identical multi-core desktops or laptops (2006 or newer) in working order, or over 20 identical LCD monitors in working order.
• Along with that minimum, NTR can take non-working, mixed, or older computers - as well as any servers, printers, peripherals, parts, cabling, etc. • In some cases, NTR can take furniture, office supplies, or other unrelated equipment.
• The donation will be inventoried at NTR’s facility, after which an itemized report can later be emailed or faxed to the donor if requested in advance. • NTR can pick up anywhere in Philadelphia and the surrounding metropolitan area. Even donors that are several hours’ drive away will be considered, if the donation includes enough useful equipment.

Standard donation protection:
• All disk drives are erased before use as a part of our refurbishing process.
• All external drives, flash drives, or flash memory are erased before use.
• Unusable hard drives are physically destroyed on-site.
• Used archive media such as writable discs, floppy disks, and tape cartridges are sent out for destruction with other plastic recyclables.
Directions. Phone: 215-564-6686. Email: NTR@NTRonline.org.

Financial Support

NTR looks forward to thanking you for your gift and provides several easy methods:

  • Via this button, we gratefully accept gifts via PayPal.

  • Another method goes through the United Way campaign at your workplace. Specify donor choice #4384.
  • Your financial support is eagerly welcomed by regular mail: 1524 Brandywine St, Philadelphia PA 19130.
  • We also accept Bitcoin. Please include your email address and tell ntr@ntronline.org about your donation. Otherwise, bitcoin donations are reported as anonymous! The donation itself is made right here:

  • The Amazon Smile program is another way:
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    Donations -- corporate or individual -- of used laptops.

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