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MLK Day 2014: NTR at Girard College
Photos from NTR's 100-computer event on Martin Luther King Day of Service 2014 at Girard College. See them all!
Digital Illiteracy is a significant negative input that erodes educational and employment growth in under-resourced communities across the city. NTR’s mission is to ensure that all Philadelphians, regardless of income, have access to information technology and the capacity to take advantage of the academic, economic, and social opportunities that today’s technology affords. We do this by collaborating with schools, service agencies, faith-based organizations, welfare-to-work programs, and individual teachers all over Philadelphia to provide technology and training to vulnerable people of all ages.


Our store, donation drop-off, workshops, and factory are currently closed for maintenance and restructure. We hope to re-open near the end of August. We apologize for any inconvenience!

  • For warranty or purchasing questions about an NTR computer, please email We will respond to these in order upon reopening.
  • For large donation pick-ups or other administrative inquiries, please email We will respond to administrative matters during the closure.
  • We discourage leaving a voicemail, as the voice mailbox will be checked only intermittently while we are closed.

How To Survive The End of Windows XP

Do you have a Windows XP computer, running a version of Windows that Microsoft no longer provides updates and security for? Does your computer struggle to complete ordinary tasks? Does it run frustratingly slow? Do you need Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? If you say Yes to any of these, then you'll want to have a look at this PDF!

NTR Achieves Guidestar Gold

NTR is now among the few nonprofits demonstrating its commitment to transparency by becoming a Gold-level GuideStar Exchange Participant! At the Bronze level, GuideStar has 11,893 organizations (as of April 10) who provided basic information that prospective donors can use in decision making. At the Silver, it has 22,868 who took extra trouble to provide extra information. At the Gold level, only 2,922 organizations have put in the hours of effort to inform potential donors comprehensively. NTR has done this work, and we invite you to see it here.

Computer & Laptop Donations Accepted

Nonprofit Technology Resources' Computer Thrift Store accepts the donation of certain used computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and other computer accessories at our Center City location. Please note that there are some items and some quantities we can't accept, and there are a few other things you need to know in order to ensure a smooth, successful donation experience. So before you call or come, please review our printable Donation Criteria (PDF). Phone: 215-564-6686. Email:

Free Computer Help For You

Gratis every Wednesday afternoon, NTR's Bring A Computer Ask A Question is a hands-on workshop that after more than seven years in operation keeps attracting participants with little to no promotion. We offer to help you repair, upgrade, or use your own computer. Or, you're welcome to bring new components, accessories, or software that you want to install, whether you bought them in our Thrift Store or elsewhere.

Free Computer and Internet Access

In Philadelphia, you can get to a computer not only at libraries but also at a large number of locations in the KEYSPOT network, where free computer use, Internet access and training are offered to anyone and everyone. To find a location, you can check this KEYSPOT locations list (in PDF format) on this site, or you can head over to KEYSPOT and use their finder.

Get It Fixed Right Here Locally

Whatever repairs you ever need, whether under one of our warranties or on a machine you obtained elsewhere, you can have it taken care of here. Regularly offered computer repair services include diagnosis, PC setup, computer optimization, hardware upgrades, memory installation, software installation, software suite installation, operating system installation, computer checkup, virus and spyware removal, diagnostic and repair with backup, one-time data backup, data recovery.