NTR Computer Thrift Store Photo Tour

Thank you for taking the photo tour(*) of our Computer Thrift Store! Today's Friday, December 18, 2009, so you happened to catch us while we have our holiday decorations up. It's a good thing you got here before the whopper of a snowstorm we seem to have ahead of us this weekend!

First, remember what our entrance looks like. We're always surprised at how many people miss it. If you're driving, you're going west on Brandywine; this'll be the first entrance of a long brick building; drive on by it, then at the end of the building, immediately turn left into our own free parking lot. Don't go past the wall to the corner lot, because that's somebody else, and they'll charge you big parking bucks.


(*) Photographs by Charles J. Voegtle. Concept and captions by J. Paul Sank.