Other Networks Newsletter Archive

Other Networks Newsletter (1981-1988) was published and edited by Stan Pokras and Seth Horwitz out of the Public Interest Media Project's* office in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Its tagline was "A Newsletter About Networks of People." The first issues were laid out by hand with paper and scissors; subsequent issues took advantage of then-new desktop publishing technology. This metamorphosis in production was paralleled in the publication's content: E.g., earlier issues mentioned "multilogues", in which social networks were created by people sending snail-mail letters to one person who would then send out copies to all; later issues increasingly described uses of computers for interpersonal interconnection. All of this, of course, went out to the public far in advance of the advent of 21st-century tools like Facebook and Twitter.

*The Public Interest Media Project changed its name to Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR) in 1993.
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Here are all the Other Networks issues in PDF format:

Other Networks, Volume 1 Number 1 (Spring 1981)
The Freelance Directory
Learning Networks
Free University Network
The Lander's Herald
The Seed Saver's Exchange
Women Outdoors
The Open Network
Small World

Other Networks, Volume 1 Number 2 (Fall 1981)
Bicycle Network
Growing Without Schooling
Small World
Women's Referral Service
Help for the Career Changer
Solar Interest Exchange
Long Out Network
Network Notes

Other Networks, Volume 1 Number 3 (Summer 1982)
About the Kootenay Directory
A National Home Business Network
Changing Institutions
An Experiment
Computerized Communication
Network: Two Basic Dimensions
The Barter Project
The Spiral News Network
The Networker's Package
Small World Messages
How We Got Your Address
Network Notes
Budget & Subscription Form

Other Networks, Volume 1 Number 4 (Fall 1982)
A Networking Game
Bob Theobald is a Futurist
Continuing Education via Telecommunications
Visions and Dreams
* Proposal for a Communications Center
* Computer Lib/Dream Machines
* Infoman
* Vision of a Neighborhood Office in 1985
"Participate" on the Source
Agricultural Networks
Book Review: Networking: A First Report and Directory
4 Pages from Folks Who Used an "Interest Book" at the WFS Conference
Small World Messages
Budget & Subscription Form

Other Networks, Volume 2 Number 1 (Summer 1983)
People's Yellow Pages Simplified
Open Network
Info Baza
Densmore Discoveries
Healing Light Foundation
Professional Writers Network
The WWOOF Network
Networks in Community Planning -- Two Papers
New England Network of Light
Guide to Health Oriented Periodicals
Philadelphia Resource Guide
Computers in Communications
* Book Review: The Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications
* Two Newsletters: Dial-Out and Reset
* A System: Delphi
Small World
Apple Program
Subscription Form

Other Networks, Volume 2 Number 2 (Spring 1984)
Reading and Writing for Answers
Social Work Practice
Help Yourself to the Answers
Eskimos and Humanistic Psychologists Say "Chimo"
Push-Button Adventures in America
Computerized Information Filing System
The Range and Scope of Networks, Part 1
Chatting Via Computer
Civic Information and Techniques Exchange
Whole Again Resource Guide
The Networking Institute
The International Network for Social Network Analysis
Winged Mercury Missive
Public Interest Computer Association
The Ultimate Vehicle Family
The Computer Phone Book
Small World

Other Networks, Volume 2 Number 3 (Summer 1986)
This Issue: Many-to-Many Media
New Amphibians
Paper-Based Conferencing
Action Linkage M-t-M's
The Evolution of a Computer Conferencing System
Local Bulletin Board Systems
Comparing Ham Radio with Computer Bulletin Boards
The Media Project's Grant from Apple Computer

Other Networks, Volume 2 Number 4 (Fall 1988)
Idea Husbandry: Toward a "Global Suggestion Box"
A Communications Kit: Ideas and Queries to Help You and Me Communicate Better with Others
A Letter from a Traveling Networker
Action Linkage
* Agreements of the Open Space
* AL Face-to-Face Set for September
Short Features
Small World
Resource Notes