Now that You Have an NTR Computer

If you got a computer from us here at NTR, this page is for you. We want to help you get the most out of your new-to-you computer right away if we can! So we'd like to collect a whole big page of links that you'll find useful. In order to help us make sure they're actually useful in the real world, can you suggest any? Please, please do! Send your suggestions directly to the guy who posts everything:

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Philadelphia School District

Philadelphia Reads

Community College of Philadelphia

The At-Risk Student's Guide to Finishing an Online Degree

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SEPTA Broad Street Line

SEPTA Market-Frankford Line


NJ Transit Bus Routes

Google Maps: Get Directions

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Immigrant Community

African Cultural Alliance: African community in West Philadelphia.

Asian Americans United

Boat People SOS Delaware Valley Branch. This NGO that started with the refugee Vietnamese population is now a national organization.

Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia

Congreso: They work with the Hispanic community in North Philadelphia.

Juntos: They work with the Hispanic community in South Philadelphia.

Migrant Education Philadelphia: They work with any immigrant student regardless of nationality who has a family member working in some sector of agriculture (farming, food packaging, etc.)

Nationalities Services Center: They work with many of the refugees that are resettled in the area. Since 1921.

New Americans at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians on Facebook and at 16th and JFK Blvd in the Suburban Station Building.

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Other Basic Needs

Philly KEYSPOTS local resources page, with many useful links. The major headings are Career Assistance, Computer Training, and Public Services. A must-see!

Food Stamps

Philadelphia Housing Authority

Social Security Online Services

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