Low-Cost Internet Options

For People Who Have a Computer


Comcast says this about their Internet Essentials program:

We want to bring the power of the Internet to more students and families across the country. That's why we created Internet Essentials to offer home Internet service for only $9.95 a month.

While participating in Internet Essentials:

  • You get fast home Internet service for only $9.95 a month, plus tax.
  • You never have any price increases or pay any activation or equipment rental fees.
  • You can buy a computer at initial enrollment for the low price of just $149.99 + tax.
  • You can get free Internet training — online, in print and in person.

You can find out more at Comcast Internet Essentials.

For People Who Don't Have a Computer

In Philadelphia, you can get to a computer not only at libraries but also at a large number of locations in the KEYSPOT network, where free computer use, Internet access and training are offered to anyone and everyone. To find a location, you can check this KEYSPOT locations list (in PDF format) here on our site, or you can head over to KEYSPOT and use their finder.