Free Learning Through Technology

In the Free Learning Through Technology (FreeLTT) program, NTR distributes computers to low-income people (especially children and families) through organizations like community groups, churches, schools. The desktop computers are donated to NTR, where we rebuild them, back them with a 3-year guarantee, and give them away for free, funded by the generosity of foundations and corporate donors.

A minimum of 2 hours of instruction is included with each machine: In small classes, students receive basic instruction about the various parts. We go over the list of software we've pre-loaded. Emphasis is laid on the maintenance programs, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware modules, and the hard-disk defragmenter. Students learn how to set up and partially disassemble the computer. Taking notes is strongly recommended, because there's so much practical information that you may someday find yourself very grateful to have remembered.

At the end of each class, students take their machine home in the confidence that they know how to set it up when they get there. They can prevent problems themselves and are encouraged to take full advantage of the guarantee. They have a sense of what components can be added to their machine to upgrade it if and when their computing needs increase.

If some of your organization's clientele need a reliable computer, and you can plan to bring us a group of twelve to fifteen folks on a mutually convenient date, please write an email to NTR chief clerk Paul, who will then consult with other staffers about availability, eligibility, and funding, which we hope will then result in his calling you to set a date.

This program also has an "LTT" variant, where your organization does the funding itself. This waves a lot of eligibility questions aside and gives you other advantages.

If you work for a grantmaking organization, the FreeLTT classes do need funding. It's a great way to make a very knowable impact: You make a grant, and later we send you a report about a specific group of needy folks who received computers. You have no doubt that your dollars have empowered people in a palpable way. You can also earmark funds for youth, disabled, senior citizens, ESOL, parochial/religious, etc. Our eminently personable development director Andrew would love to hear from you.

NTR has distributed well over 5,000 computers to individuals and organizations since 1997. NTR’s reuse program was created with leadership from John Zelson and with volunteers from the Americorps*VISTA program of the Corporation for National Service.