Computer Thrift Store

NTR operates a computer thrift store where you can purchase:

  • Desktop computers, refurbished and very affordable. Mostly PC, some Mac. All backed by NTR's extendable, locally-serviced warranty.
  • Laptops. Call for availability, as it is sometimes difficult for us to keep enough in stock. Backed by the same NTR warranty.
  • All sorts of peripherals and accessories, such as printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, flash drives, wireless adapters, and wireless routers.
  • Through the store, we also now have a repair service. Have your computer fixed right here!
  • Good feelings: When you shop at NTR's Computer Thrift Store, your money does not end up in the pockets of some billionaire shareholder but with a hard-working bunch of folks who actively care about and serve the poor, seniors, disabled, Philly schoolchildren, ...

Note: If you're thinking of donating a computer or some other hardware, please do not do so until you've read our guidelines for Equipment Donation.

Take the Photo Tour!

From outside, through the entrance, and all through the store, you can have a look right here. Take the tour.


NTR offers a 90-day warranty on all laptops and Windows XP desktop computers with the option to extend the warranty to 1 year for an additional $25.00. All Windows 7 desktops come with a 1-year warranty with the option to extend it to 3 years for an additional $25.00. All warranty repairs are done locally at NTR.

See Our Flier!

Here's our standard NTR Computer Thrift Store flier (PDF, 9/26/2014).
You may have seen our Print Flyers around Philadelphia!

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Price List

[Price list update pending. You're welcome to call or email and ask about it!]

Hours and Location:

Holiday Hours will be:



After the holidays we will return to our regular hours of:

Thursday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm

The store is located in the same building with all our other programs:

1524 Brandywine St
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: 215-564-6686