Stanley R. Pokras

Executive Director Emeritus

June 23, 2005

Mr. Pokras has been Executive Director of Nonprofit Technology Resources (NTR) since 1980 when he founded Other Networks, a newsletter devoted to the study of networks of people and group communication over distance. Since 1985, he has coordinated NTR’s broad spectrum of consulting services in information management and communications, assisting hundreds of local nonprofit agencies with computerization projects.

Stan studied electrical engineering in the 1960’s, and created a community information “store” serving the I&R needs of an artistic and entrepreneurial community on South Street, Philadelphia, in the 70’s.

Formerly Vice President of the Electronic Networking Association, he is nationally recognized for his expertise in computer conferencing and has helped to create several local telecommunication projects including the first known computer bulletin board for gardeners and the Philadelphia Energy Network.

Stan is also the Philadelphia Regional Coordinator for Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet) a program created by Antonia Stone and funded by the National Science Foundation. Ms. Stone is widely recognized for founding Playing to Win, a Harlem based computer access project that gives community kids an opportunity to develop computer skills. The Playing to Win model is being offered through CTCNet to community organizations throughout the nation.

Collaborating with the Delaware Valley Council of Agencies, Stan Pokras founded the NTR Lab hands-on computer training program in 1991. The Lab program has provided computer training to over 1,100 staff from more than 400 Philadelphia regional nonprofit groups. The Lab became a free-standing program of NTR and was housed in center-city office space donated by the City of Philadelphia thanks to Mayor Edward Rendell.

NTR’s programs provide used computer hardware and training in computer refurbishing for both the staff and the clients of nonprofit organizations. Since September of 1997, NTR has distributed some 6,000 computers, providing over 250 neighborhood organizations with computers for staff use and community technology centers, and providing around 3,800 of their clients with home computers and training.

Written in 2005