(For Our Customers and Ourselves)

  1. Most of the work is performed by NTR’s volunteers, interns, or program clients. The knowledge and skill level of these individuals, while certainly above average, can still vary. BACAAQ workshops are a learning experience for everyone involved.
  2. NTR insists on respect for its customers and insists on respect for its volunteers. Through such mutual respect, we will be productive.
  3. Customers may request a specific volunteer (or vice-versa), but final assignment is up to NTR staff.
  4. Sometimes, there are more customers than volunteers. In such weeks, please be patient with us as we try to help as many people as possible.
  5. Sometimes, there are more volunteers than customers. In such weeks, each customer can enjoy one volunteer to themselves, and unassigned volunteers will be utilized at the discretion of NTR staff.
  6. Customers are expected to participate in the repair. Participation can include observing, asking questions, receiving tutoring, and/or using their own hands while under the guidance of our volunteer. Namely, BACAAQ is not a drop-off and pick-up service.
  7. Usually, the only repairs attempted are those expected to be complete by the end of the workshop. Work requiring non-free parts or software, additional homework by the customer, future visits to BACAAQ workshops, and/or future repair by another party will be first described to and authorized by the customer.
  8. The cost of non-free NTR parts or software must be paid by the customer before the computer can leave the building. This does not include NTR parts or software used temporarily (for troubleshooting purposes) and then removed before the end of the workshop.
  9. Computers may not be left at NTR for additional work, except in these cases:
    1. The computer was acquired from NTR, is still under NTR’s warranty by NTR, and is being checked in for a repair covered by NTR’s warranty.
    2. The computer is being checked in for paid retail repair (in our Thrift Store).
  10. Customers are welcome to bring multiple computers, but all other rules still apply. Additionally, if there are not enough volunteers to support each customer, customers requesting help on additional computers will be considered “at the back of the line” for each computer after the first.
  11. NTR staff reserve final authority to settle disputes or permit/disallow specific repairs.
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