Bring A Computer Ask A Question

Bring A Computer Ask A Question

Bring A Computer Ask A Question (BACAAQ) is a hands-on workshop that after several years in operation remains extremely popular. We offer to help you repair, upgrade, or use your own computer. Or, you're welcome to bring new components, accessories, or software that you want to install, whether you bought them in our Thrift Store or elsewhere.

Bring your computer. For most desktop computers, you can bring almost nothing but the central unit, because you'll be sitting at a station that already has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, power cords, and an Ethernet connection to the Internet. If you have any specialized components that you'll need, such as an external power supply for your laptop, or USB keyboards or USB mice, you should bring those. Also, we recommend that you back up your data before you come.

This event is often noisy and very busy. It's a room full of people working on computers. We won't be "teaching" in the usual sense, so please come prepared to ask a question, solve a problem, or learn how to do something specific.

Previous BACAAQ workshops have been highly successful: The growing number of participants had most of their problems and issues solved. In fact, this workshop became so useful that the School District of Philadelphia gave NTR a grant to provide this service to K-12 students, so don't be surprised to see young faces in the room.

BACAAQ workshops are facilitated by staff instructors and experienced volunteers. Most of these people are so well qualified that there's an excellent chance that the fair-market value of the time and attention you receive will exceed $100!

BACAAQ sessions are held on the third Saturday of every month (except July and August) from 2 to 5 PM. The fee for each session is $15; if you have a child in the Philadelphia School District, it's $5. To sign up, come see the friendly staff of our Computer Thrift Store, or you may register online:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of any page of our site, and click on the "PayPal Donate" button in the left panel. This opens our PayPal page.

  2. Write "Bring a computer workshop" in the "Enter description" box.
  3. Enter 15.00 in the Item Price box, then click "Update".
  4. Then either ...
    • Log in to your existing PayPal account, or
    • Click where it says "Don't have a PayPal account?"
  5. Then follow the directions for making your payment.

Please register for these sessions in advance. Walk-ins will be turned away.

CAUTION: This session should not be used to replace professional repair of your computer. While we can usually fix many computer problems during the workshop, and we do take precautions against creating problems, we cannot guarantee anything. If you have valuable information on your computer, or its function is critical to your studies or your work, we would advise you to ask the staff in our Computer Thrift Store about our professional Computer Repair Service.